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Breakfast around the world

I want to eat them all.

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Yale Thesis Book Poster
by Sunny Park

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Instants to Nowhere by Ignacio Brito

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Tanaka Tatsuya creates miniature dioramas every day of the year, using objects found in his house.

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Hayden Zezula is from Austin, Texas and makes GIFs under the name zolloc. He has been using Cinema 4D for the last 4 years and is completely self taught. He is currently working on an exploration video game.

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العيد في غزة. 

Eid in Gaza, palestinians teach life. 

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Mondrian and Homer Simpson Inspired Wine Bottles

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Featured Curator: Roberto Cruz Niemiec [ArchAtlas]

Wanda Koop is known for charting new directions in painting, pushing the boundaries of presentation and display with her monumental-scale painting installations, in which she incorporates poetic video and performance work. Her practice explores scenes of urbanization, industrialization, and robotic technology as it interfaces with the natural world, asking us to reconsider imagery that is delivered to us through both cultural history and contemporary broadcast media.

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Poplavok ‘fishing float’ - Restaurant. Branding, Art Direction and Graphic Design by Ira Smolikova, Moscow.

Character Design from Robin Hood by Ken Anderson
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Character Design from Robin Hood by Ken Anderson

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Facebook / Edward Hopper Mash-Ups by Nastya Nudnik

Instagram Behance | Tumblr

The Only Magic Left is Art Quarterly Boxes are now $50 $30! Click here.

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